Hi there. Thanks for visiting. My name is Rachael Mead and I spend my days working as a poet, short story writer, arts reviewer and bookseller in South Australia. In my down time, I’m pretty much addicted to screen culture – mainly films and tv series – and this site is a collection of all my screen-related blather in one handy location.

A big chunk of my work as an arts reviewer involves watching movies and writing film reviews, mainly for InDaily, an online news publication in South Australia. I’ve been writing for them since 2012, so some of the older film reviews you’ll find posted here are repostings of my ancient InDaily articles. I’m also an accredited film critic for Rotten Tomatoes.

But I haven’t always been a writer and film reviewer. In fact, I’ve had a pretty eclectic life, working as an archaeologist, environmental campaigner and bookseller. I’ve also studied for many years and ended up with a mixed bag of degrees, such as an Honours degree in Classical Archaeology, a Masters in Environmental Studies and a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide.

Since starting to write, I’ve been lucky enough to have several poetry collections published, so if you’re interested in my creative work, you can find bits and pieces at rachaelmead.com

Disclaimer! While I love movies and (some) tv, I’m not in any way professionally qualified in media studies or film analysis. I’ve just been addicted to anything that moves on a screen since I was a little kid and I’ve been blathering on about the films and shows that excite me ever since.

Mum was right. Watching too much tv did give me square eyes.